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Amazing new Winganna Lambskins available! We are so excited to say our beautiful lambskins are now sourced from Australia where the wool is denser, softer and silkier and the lambskins are much bigger too.  

The Winganna Lambskin is the ultimate in luxury.  Our Winganna Baby Lambskin has been specially handpicked for it's dense wool which provides the ultimate in comfort for your baby or child.

Many parents from around the world have discovered the amazing properties of lambskins and the benefits it brings to both babies and parents.  You can use them in the cot* or on the floor.  They are ideal for newborns upwards.  

  • Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
  • A lovely silky feel - beautiful to the touch
  • Handpicked for their dense wool
  • Specially prepared for instant baby use
  • Wool clipped to 25mm
  • Suitable for babies cot, carrycot, pram, moses basket, car seat etc
  • Machine washable
  • Medical research on the Winganna showed benefits for pre-term babies.*

Winganna Lambskin sizing: each lambskin is on average 64.1cm x 90.2cm

Need a lambskin liner for your pram or buggy? 

Our Winganna Buggy Lambskins are reduced to only £39.95 as they are being discontinued.  (Color options listed below whilst stocks last).  

Winganna Lambskin Buggy Liner.  Keep your baby or toddler comfortable and cosy with our beautiful lambskin buggy and pram fleece. There are already slits in the fleece to enable you to use it with the straps in your buggy. It's easy enough to add some slits of your own to customise it to your buggy. 

The size of the fleece is 31-35cm (at widest part=), 17cm/leg (width) x 75-80cm (length). 

We have a super range of Winganna Buggy Lambskins available, these are the beautiful colours and styles you have to choose from:

Standard (£39.95)

Buggy Lambskin - Charcoal

Buggy Lambskin -  Cappuccino

Buggy Lambskin with a Quilted Back (£39.95)

Buggy Lambskin with Quilted Back - Charcoal

Buggy Lambskin with Quilted Back - Lemon/Gold

Buggy Lambskin with Quilted Back - Ivory/Cream

Simply make your purchase below then email us at to let us know which design you want.   We can also send you images of the different designs or you can find these on our Facebook page "Winganna Lambskin"



Please note that as Winganna is a natural product, each lambskin is unique and a slightly different size. Prices are shown at the bottom of the website and they include postage. 

Our natural lambskins are sourced by a company in the South West of England but the lambskins originate from Australia where the wool is softer, denser and silkier. Another benefit from Australian lambskins are that they are much bigger than UK lambskins.  For example our UK lambskins were approx. 6.5 sqft and the Australian lambskins are approx. 8 sqft. Winganna lambskins are carefully selected and specially processed for use with babies. The wool of the lambskin has been sheared to give firm mattress support and then carefully combed to remove any loose fibres so there is no danger of babies picking up bits of fluff or breathing in long fibres. Each lambskin is subject to stringent quality control. 

Our Winganna sheepskin cot rugs allow the air to circulate between the fibres which helps to keep your baby cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. For the same reason, moisture from damp nappies or sweat circulates away from the baby. 

These lovely lambskins are processed so they can be machine-washed. The lambskins do not spoil easily and can be aired and brushed regularly to keep fresh. Between washings a light sponging will clean away any accidents. 

What makes Winganna Lambskins more superior to other lambskins available?

From the very start of the production of the Winganna Lambskins, we ensure that the end product stands out from the other lambskins available on the market.  The skins that are used are from new season lamb which means they have white, clean wool with a thick density and a strong skin.    We take extra time to go through each skin by hand and only select the absolute premium sheepskins which give us this high end product. 

The Winganna Lambskins go through the standard dye process, after this they are finished by clipping the skin to the correct length for babies which is 25mm.   The sheepskin is then ironed which removes any loose wool and leaves a silky quality finish.  

See what our customers have to say

Winganna Lambskin Review from Sandra

I was delighted to find some old paperwork from Winganna Lambskins in a box in my attic today and was then able to locate you on the internet.

In 1983 and 1984, my daughter and son were born at 30 and 23 weeks respectively in the Westminister Hospital in London. We were recommended Winganna by one of the Special Care Baby Unit Nurses in 1983 and purchased your lambskin. My daughter loved it so much that we supplied a Winganna Lambskin to each of the cots in the unit. A year later, when my son was born, we bought another one for him.  As the children grew, we bought two of the large lambskin baby rugs that they slept on.

I can’t tell you how much my children loved these baby sheepskin rugs. They slept on them throughout their childhoods. They have been used daily for the last 30 years and travelled from England to the States, back to Germany and now reside in Ireland. Two of the large lambskin baby rugs rest along couches and the small one adorns the leather chair I am currently sitting on and the other one lies beside my bed.

I wash them on a cold wash with baby shampoo and glycerine. I rub glycerine along the skin and they look as good today as they did 30 years ago.

I just wanted to let you know what a treasure they have been to us. After a very shaky start in life my daughter has completed a PhD in Laser Physics and my son a PhD in Criminal Justice. The comfort your rugs afforded them, gave them a wonderful start in life.

Many thanks,


Winganna Lambskin Review from Frances

Your Winganna Lambskins are wonderful. I have bought them since 1983 when our son was born and later in 1989 for our daughter. I am  one of the grandparents over the moon to have been able to buy a Winganna Lambskin for our new grandson (born in late June this year) from the same reliable and tested source.

Also I work as a reflexologist with people who have all sorts of life limiting disease. Very often these folk are either extremely thin with bony bottoms and  have a hard time getting comfortable or they are unable to move themselves and sit  or recline with less comfort than is available when on a sheepskin. Two clients have bought large ‘baby’ lambskins to assist their day to day comfort and I have also bought one for my husband who is waiting for two new hips. A real boon for all those people.  

So you could say that Winganna helps at the start of life in the middle and towards the end.  With thanks for all that you do.


*A study conducted on the Winganna Lambskin at the special care baby unit in the Cambridge Maternity Hospital in England demonstrated that high-risk and premature babies gain weight faster when sleeping on lambswool rather than conventional bedding.  Babies with lambswool in their incubators gained more weight than those babies placed on regular bedding.

1. Scott S., Richards M.. Nursing low-birthweight babies on lambswool .  Lancet 1979; i:1028

2. Scott S., Lucas P., Richards M.. Weight gain and movement patterns of very low birthweight babies nursed on lambswool.  Lancet 1983; ii: 1014-1016. 


If you are using the Winganna Lambskin as a bedding item where the baby is under 1 year, it is advisable to put the baby on their back and that the Lambskin is covered completely with a sheet.

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Guidelines suggest if you are using a sheepskin as bedding, a cotton sheet needs to be placed over the sheepskin.

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